Cannabis Activism

The laws that protect Universal Sanctuary and all medical cannabis patients are the result of decades of hard work from different generations of cannabis activists. If not for their courage and dedication, we would still be living in the years of total prohibition and ever increasing repression. Because of the work of these determined activists, patients today enjoy at least a limited degree of legal protection in almost twenty states, with momentum for further positive change stronger than ever before.

At Universal Sanctuary, we believe that every patient who is able to engage in activist work, has an obligation to do so.

One of the best ways to get active is to volunteer with one of the organizations listed below. They do good work on behalf of the cannabis plant; each in their own style, each with their own area of focus. Get in touch with one or more and check them out; see which of them best compliments your own style and flavor—and get active!

National Cannabis Coalition
Cannabis Defense Coalition
Marijuana Majority