Become a Vendor

Welcome Vendors! We are dedicated to providing premium, lab-tested cannabis in a professional environment for legally qualified patients who are cultivating in accordance with California law. We value our local community and strive for the highest standards of quality. We seek integrity and professionalism from our vendors with the hopes of cultivating long lasting relationships.  

Basic vendor formalities:

  • Upon acceptance of medicine, flower and concentrate vendors are required to provide a sample for testing
    • 1.5 grams of flower, 1 gram of concentrate, unless already tested.
    • Product that has already been tested has a much higher likelihood of being purchased.
  • Please give samples to management only. Do not hand out samples to staff unless otherwise indicated.
  • Consignments carry a date for future payment and will be paid as quickly as possible from when the product is sold out.
  • In order to provide the highest quality products for our patients, Universal Sanctuary adheres to strict standards regarding flower size, appearance and cure. All flowers must be tightly trimmed, larger than a nickel and properly dried for freshness and aroma. We will accept small flowers for half the price of the full size flowers.

Vendor Application

To become a vendor with Universal Sanctuary, download our application below and leave it with our management or submit the online form.  We will need also need a copy of your sellers permit.